Basic Training

Standard First Aid

APL’s Standard First Aid course is a complete instruction in attending incidents that could occur in a workplace or home setting, potentially saving lives.  We take the time to teach each module and skill ensuring that every delegate is confident to operate in, manage or prevent a First Aid situation.  Our course is a complete fusion of classroom training and practical demonstrations, with each delegate having the opportunity to practice and be confident that they can respond in the case of an emergency either at home or in the workplace.

Pre-Requisite: None

Length: 2 days

CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation w/ AED – Automated External Defibrillation

APL’s comprehensive CPR course is certified by Red Cross, a world leader in First Aid and CPR.  It is mandatory that workplaces have First Aid and CPR trained employees, so APL makes sure that all graduates of our program are trained to the very latest of standards, comply with all federal and provincial health and safety laws, and surpass the basic standards need.  This course is both classroom education and hands-on practical training.  Graduates leave with the confidence to help in an emergency situation.

APL is committed to saving lives and AEDs save lives.  For every minute that defibrillation is delayed during cardiac arrest, the chance of survival is reduced 10%!  AED machines are revolutionizing the CPR, First Aid and Pre-Hospital Care industries, and having a machine along with the trained staff to use it in any workplace or public setting will protect lives.  The statistics speak to the criticality of AEDs during a sudden cardiac arrest – 90-95% fatality rate among those who do not receive defibrillation.  APL offers the finest and most comprehensive AED training for all levels of staff or members of the public.

Pre-Requisite: None

Length: 5 hours

WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Material Information System

WHMIS training is mandated whenever an employee is subject to working with hazardous substances.  WHMIS is a standardized course for the safe handling, control and disposal of hazardous materials in the workplace.  The training APL offers complies with all federal and provincial laws and exceeds the standard expected when dealing with WHMIS controlled substances at work, whatever the situation, in addition to applying safe and informed judgements in labelling, identification, use, storage and control.

Pre-Requisite: None

Length: 1 hour

H2S Alive – Hydrogen Sulphide Training

The H2S Alive course offered by APL is a specialized course for workers in any industry that may be exposed to hydrogen sulphide gas.  Hydrogen sulphide gas, also known as “sour gas”, is deadly – a single breath of this gas can stop breathing immediately.   Common in the oil and gas industry, H2S can be produced naturally by the earth or can be a by-product of a working environment.  Because H2S is so deadly, APL instructors make sure that we take the time to know that all delegates of this course are able to confidently identify, assess, respond and treat H2S exposure.

Pre-Requisite: None

Length: 8 hours

TDG – Transportation of Dangerous Goods

For anyone involved in the handling, offering transport for or transporting of dangerous goods, TDG training is required by law.  APL’s TDG course offers the perfect environment for training delegates in all aspects of dangerous goods handling, including personal responsibility, corporate responsibility, regulations, identification of all classes of dangerous goods and the associated hazards.  APL’s training staff provides thorough support throughout the course ensuring successful completion.

Pre-Requisite: None

Length: 1-2 hours