Executive Biographies


Stephen Woodburn

CEO | Owner

“A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity…An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty…”

Stephen Woodburn is the driving force of APL, founding the company in 1999. However, Stephen maintains that the success that APL has enjoyed is due to the dedicated and passionate team he has taken care to build. Stephen’s vision has been to provide an affordable, compassionate, and superior quality of healthcare service where people are proud to work and proud to recommend. Being a registered Paramedic, Stephen regularly attends calls to keep his skills current and his goals applicable. Stephen is driven to see that APL is a world-leader in critical ambulance care.Stephen’s personal life matches the ambition of his professional life, just ask Mount Kilimanjaro! As a busy husband and father of four, Stephen enjoys his daily workouts with childhood friends at the local gym, being a bit of a “weekend warrior” and spends many evenings and weekends volunteering in the community. Stephen is also a seasoned real estate investor and has used his knowledge in this area to assist the community through service in the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce among organizations that he is passionate about serving.


Neil Tkach

Operations Manager

“There is an exciting new challenge that awaits you every day”

Neil Tkach hails from southeastern Alberta, starting his career in protective services in 1990 as a volunteer ambulance driver. The next 20 years saw Neil taking advantage of the many opportunities for growth and challenges, including working as a Divisional Manager for an EMS company in Alberta and working overseas in Kyrgyzstan, and becoming a registered Paramedic.Neil then realized his childhood dream of becoming a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). During his posting in Peace River, Alberta, Neil was presented with and gladly accepted the position of Deputy Fire Chief with the Peace River Fire Department. During Neil’s tenure, he assisted with creating the “Advanced Care First Response Program” unique to Peace River and the northern regions. Neil joined APL in 2012 as a Flight Paramedic, and accepted the role of Operations Manager in 2013.Neil brings many valuable strengths to APL including his passion for seeking growth opportunities at every level of our business. Neil’s career in emergency & protective services speaks to his belief that “there is an exciting new challenge that awaits you every day”!


Michelle Belzile

Business Support Manager

Michelle Belzile currently works in an advisory role with APL and leads with example of a strong work ethic. Michelle’s career path started when she was just 16 years old as a lifeguard. Michelle’s lifesaving skills and aptitude for emergency services were put to use when she happened upon a medical incident occurring while at the local grocery store in 2005. Realizing that her CPR actions that day were part of a very important chain of assistance that allowed a person to live with very little side effects, Michelle immediately enrolled in Emergency Services Training, and was drawn to ground ambulance support. To add to Michelle’s roles of mom, wife, Business Support Manager at APL, and business owner, Michelle is active in many areas of the community and remains working with Alberta Health Services as an EMT. Michelle is driven and rewarded by helping people during times of need, and her insights, knowledge and experience are invaluable to APL.


Stacey Messner

Human Resources Coordinator

Stacey Messner brings fourteen years of experience in Human Resources to APL, with specialities in policy and procedure development, recruitment, employee and labour relations, training, compensation and benefits. She has been kept busy building attraction and retention strategies to draw the very best professionals to APL. Stacey earned her Human Resource Management designation from the University of Lethbridge, and honed her skills while working in a variety of industries, including a large multi-national oilfield company.Stacey married into a Peace Country family and has come to enjoy the beauty and various activities the region has to offer as a busy mother of energetic twins!


Sheila Girard

Chief Financial Officer

Sheila Girard was born and raised in the Peace country, returning to work in the Fairview area upon graduation from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Sheila spent 18 years of her career with Fairview College in a variety of roles including Instructional Support, Computer Support, Accounting Officer, and Budget Officer, however the majority of her time was spent instructing in the Office Administration, and Business Administration programs. Sheila then went on to manage the office and administration for an active oilfield service company. Sheila has taken on the challenging role of Chief Financial Officer at APL and also leads our administrative team and IT support, as well as assisting with Stephen’s real estate company, Woodburn Management Inc.. Sheila is a trusted and key contributor to many of APL’s business areas.