The APL Training Centre

The APL Training Center has been meticulously designed and developed to provide an ideal environment conducive for learning, and is available year-round, including evenings and weekends.  To help encourage a positive learning atmosphere where students come to gain skills that save lives, APL provides only the best in comfort and equipment.

Our new training areas are purpose-built so we are able to offer flexibility from the sizes of groups, breakout room, modular furniture and of course refreshments. The APL Training Center includes the very latest technology allowing the trainer to interact easily with the class participants who are also able to link to the Smart Board using their mobile devices, ensuring easy access to information and a quality education experience for all.

When not in use by APL, our Training Center has become a valuable asset to the community, often used for meetings and classes.

APL Training

APL is proud of the classes and courses we offer!  Providing superior quality of teaching and the modern comfort of the APL Training Center, APL offers courses that are needed in the community and region.

As many lifesaving courses become more integrated with federal and provincial laws, we recognize the need for workers and companies to have custom-designed programs that cover all the aspects of First Aid to comply with those laws.  APL’s extensive knowledge and experience allows us to advise, evaluate and design the most effective courses to keep employees safe.

The high quality of our basic courses is very important to us.  These are essential courses that save lives and keep people safe.  All of APL’s trainers are dedicated to teaching at the highest standards, and we offer the best environment to learn these vital skills.  APL has the best, most comprehensive, caring and complete course offering in the industry, taught by the most dedicated, committed and compassionate instructors available.

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APL’s advanced training is designed to instruct healthcare professionals that either direct or participate in the emergency care of patients, in all situations.


Each course is tailored to a particular facet of life support or emergency medical care and delves into the skills needed to achieve and maintain life in an emergency. We explain the need to work as a dynamic team and collaborate, as well as teaching the practical skills necessary.

Advanced training is invaluable for all practicing emergency medical personnel in emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care and/or critical care.

Basic TrainingAdvanced Training