Peer Recognition Award Recipient – Marc Manegre, ACP, Peace River Flight Team

Please join us in congratulating Marc Manegre, an ACP with our Peace River Flight Team, as this quarters well-deserved recipient of the APL Peer Recognition Award!

Marc has been recognized by his peers for his efforts in going the extra mile, supporting peers, and providing excellent customer service in his role. He has done an exemplary job in mentoring and supporting members of his team. His peers recognize that he treats everyone as equals and makes himself available to answer any questions that his team members may have. He works well in a team environment and encourage his team members to continue education and help them become stronger practitioners by providing advice and tools that could be useful for them. It is recognized that he goes out of his way to help guide team members through difficult calls even when off shift. He also ensures that the base is clean and tidy, and he is always present for weekend duties.

In recognition of his efforts, APL presents Marc with the APL Peer Recognition Award. We are proud of Marc’s accomplishments and thank him for all he does for APL! We would also like to recognize this quarters nominees; Jack Webb, Jacob Charbonneau, Allison Nichols and Pam Clendinning.

APL’s Peer Recognition Program is designed to encourage all field and office staff to recognize the outstanding achievements, contributions and efforts of their colleagues on a quarterly basis.