Spotlight On Our Contractors – Samuel Elkins, Strategic HSE Systems Inc.

At APL it is very important to us to support the local businesses where we operate. Supporting local businesses is our way in supporting our local economies in which we operate in. One business that we contract services from is HSE Systems Inc. We wanted to share with our community what an amazing business Samuel Elkins has to offer. We have asked him a series of questions to help you get to know Sam and his business.

1.Name of business? 

Strategic HSE Systems Inc.

2.What type of business do you operate? 

Strategic HSE Systems Inc. is a highly diversified natural resource management firm located in Peace River, Alberta since 2006. We have a rich history of providing results-driven environmental and health and safety services to various industries and governments throughout Western Canada.

3.What type of services do you offer?

  1. Develop, implement, and manage Safety Management Systems compliant to SECOR/COR Requirements
  2. Maintain 3rd Party Verification Services (ISNetworld & ComplyWorks) Compliance and complete all vendor related HSE Questionnaires
  3. Monitor, Quality Assure, and provide expertise into SMS and National Safety Code (commercial vehicle) obligations
  4. Implement, maintain, manage and audit SMS Program and annual internal Audit submissions.
  5. Manage Digital Safety Programs – includes monitor, maintain, update/upload and report monthly compliance for all internal employees, company assets, subcontractors etc.
  6. Manage WCB Claims Management & Return to Work Programs
  7. On-site and Field Inspections and Safety Observations
  8. Incident Investigations
  9. Pre Access/Post Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing
  10. Forestry Consulting
  11. Bid Proposals and Business Development Services

4.Where did you grow up and how did you end up in the field you are in? 

I grew up and went to Forestry School in New Brunswick and moved west in 1996.  Worked in the Forest Industry as a Registered Professional Forest Technologist with Government, Industry and now private consulting.  Ended up in the health and safety field simply by chance as companies were requesting I help them with their safety programs (development and implementation).  Started competing with my day job so in 2011 started full time with my company.

5.How long have you been in your career field? 

Forestry, trucking and oil & gas industries with nearly 25 years experience.

6.What is your contracting role with APL? 

Health and Safety Manager (Consultant)

7.How did you end up working with APL? 

Completed external certification safety audits and further discussions led to me filling a gap in the company to mitigate the need for a full time employee.

8.How long have you been working with APL for? 

 Have been working with APL in excess of 2.5 years.

9.What do you love most about working with APL?

 The diversity of the work, the support of the management team and the owner, and the involvement from staff at all levels.

10.What is the biggest challenge about working in your field? 

Biggest challenge is keeping up with ever changing legal requirements to ensure clients are adhering and implementing the required changes.

11.What is the most rewarding aspect of your career? 

 The most rewarding aspect of my career is helping companies succeed.

12.What advice would you give someone interested in working in your field? 

My advice is that the health and safety industry by nature is a very thankless job and unless you have the right attitude and nature about you, I would strongly suggest a different career path.

13.When you aren’t working where might we find you?

 There is a very good chance that any weekend throughout the winter that I will be in a hockey rink as minor hockey manages your life for you.  We also like to travel to southern destinations – especially Mexico.

14.Do you have any hidden talents? 

My not so hidden talents include being a self proclaimed BBQ pit master.

15.How might someone contact you if they would like to contract your services?  

We are on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as by email  You can always do the old fashion method of calling me on my cell at 780.618.7264