13 Ways People With Mobility Issues Can Use Our N.E.M.T. Program!

Posted In: News. Posted On: September 28, 2016.



Pam with gram and wheel chair and van


















For most people we take walking for granted. For others, difficulty walking compromises physical safety, health and emotional well-being. Mobility within and outside of our region is essential to daily life. Without assistance people who experience mobility issues can feel isolated, anxious and/or depressed.

Advanced Paramedic Ltd. is improving the quality of life for individuals in the Peace Region through their Non-Emergent Medical Transport (NEMT) program….because people matter.

13 Ways People With Mobility Issues Can Use Our N.E.M.T. Program:

  1. Long Distance Trips
  2. Medical and Dental Appointments
  3. Grocery Shopping/Other Shopping
  4. Adult Day Programs
  5. Companionship & Alzheimer’s Companionship
  6. Religious Activities
  7. Banking
  8. Liaison Between Medical Staff and Family
  9. Home Support
  10. Airport Service
  11. Accompaniment – Social Events, Vacation,
  12. Pampering Dates
  13. Wedding or Special Family Events [/one_half_last]