Ground Ambulance

APL has serviced the Woodland Cree First Nation communities of Cadotte Lake and Little Buffalo with quality ground EMS services since 2018.
The ground ambulance crew is stationed in the community of Cadotte Lake and dispatched by the provincial E-911 system. Ground ambulance crews provide EMS services to the local communities, surrounding areas and will often utilize additional services (AHS) or the local fire departments for additional manpower and support if/when required. Patients are then transported to the Peace River hospital or elsewhere as required.

I remember from 2015-2017 I would come into APL and say ‘Hi’ to Pam on a regular basis and ask if they were hiring. In 2017, APL took a shot on me. Since then I have moved from an EMR working events and industrial, to a NEMT driver, to Operations Assistant, Acting Operations Supervisor and now a Projects Supervisor. APL takes the time to grow their people and provide them with opportunities to learn and grow in their career. At APL I am surrounded by brilliant minds, optimism, and a driven work environment. I’ve found my career at APL!

- Brie Bizuns, Projects Supervisor

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