About APL

Our People

For the APL team, our overall quality of service and competitive value are most important. We will do what it takes to provide experiences for our patients that exceed expectations. Our business is keeping people safe and healthy and our passion is caring about the experience of every patient. Our compassion sets APL apart from all other medic services companies.

Our executive team is comprised of experienced and committed industry professionals who strive to maintain our mission, our values and our vision with each business decision.

Our flight, industrial and ground medical crew are among the best in the medical services industry and we are proud to have a staffing complement of 60+ medical personnel, including some casual and seasonal staff.

In addition, our administrative team is second-to-none. They have the dedication, professionalism and vision that enables APL to continue to grow and find opportunities. APL values teamwork and we have a winning team!

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Each year, APL coordinates and hosts a comedy show with top-tier comedians to raise money to purchase life-saving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). We then give the AEDs along with the basic training needed to set them up and use them to local non-profit agencies, charities, religious organizations, community centers and businesses who would benefit from having this device present in their facility.

This fun event has become a tradition for the community and we are proud of the 20+ AEDs we have put into the community, making it just a little safer for all. Education, fun and unity will always be the way to empower a community to achieve great things and we are grateful to be a part of our communities’ achievements!

In Our Community


APL is very active in supporting our base communities of Peace River, Grande Prairie, High Level and Fort Vermilion by proactively looking for ways that we can serve. We are proud to have attended local “safe grads” and other school-sponsored activities to help ensure the safety of the participants.

We are also active in local sporting events, whether it’s a high school championship game or the annual Alberta Pond Hockey championships. We’ve enjoyed being a part of the Peace River PowWow, Wild TV’s Outdoor Expo, FC Edmonton home games, among the many events we attend and support. We live and work in our community and enjoy being a part of these events. We also sponsor where and when we are able.

We strongly believe that while it’s easy to donate money, and we do when money is exactly what is needed, there is often more we can do to support events and communities. Many of the community events we are able to contribute to are organized by local groups, many of which are run by volunteers.


Countless hours of hard work are put into these events and they offer a great opportunity for people of all ages and from all walks of life to connect and foster community growth. At APL, keeping our collective identity alive is important to us and we are delighted to be able to help out where we can and contribute to making some of these events possible.

APL hosts many of our own fundraisers as well to support the communities we work in. We have a trailer BBQ unit that we have used to raise a substantial amount of money for world disasters such as tsunami and hurricane relief, and also for local needs. We also contribute the use of our BBQ to local organizations to host their own events.  Each year we are involved in “PeaceFest,” a celebration of local life in Northern Alberta.