Congratulations Derek Rosendal!

Posted In: Peer Recognition. Posted On: November 1, 2023.

Our winner this round is Derek Rosendal!

Derek has been recognized for always going the extra mile to ensure his team member’s needs are met before his needs are met, whether he is doing base duties independently while other team members are catching up on rest or sharing his generosity with colleagues. He often finds little things around the base and crew quarters that require fixing and he does it without telling anyone, because he is the kind of man who doesn’t do it for a thank you, but to make things easier for others on shift and in the office!

He is always there for a warm hug on a bad day, a comforting smile when needed, and a listening ear on difficult days. On transfer calls, he always gives his hand to hold for patients having a difficult time and he gives support while providing exemplary care to his patients.

We would like to recognize him for being an honest colleague who is consistently demonstrating all of APL’s core values and to show our appreciation to him as our coworker.

Thank you for all you do Derek and congratulations.