Congratulations Lyle Barron!

Posted In: Peer Recognition. Posted On: August 13, 2023.

Our winner this round is Lyle Barron!

Lyle is being recognized for Workplace Safety, Distinguished Service, Customer Service, Going the Extra Mile and for just being a great person.

Lyle always does an exceptional job in the workplace whether it be cleanliness, teamwork, or professionalism. He regularly talks to patients to ensure their concerns are addressed and people are humanized by his empathetic conversations, in which he truly cares what makes them happy. He goes above and beyond to ensure base duties and CQ duties are done, even though he does not use the shared kitchen he is always the first to make sure it is cleaned. He is often doing tasks that most people tend to avoid without complaint, like sorting through kits weekly, picking up the ambulance from the shop or fueling up/cleaning the units. Lyle is a great team member and is always looking out for his peers, even going the extra mile to start a peer support program for APL so that he can offer his continued efforts to those around him.