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Whether it’s an emergency situation by air or by land, a medical event, a training camp, a movie in the making, a community event or a non-emergent medical transfer, APL will be there with the equipment you need and the staff that care.

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Staff accommodations are some of the best I have seen or heard of in EMS. Most of the rooms are large and spacious, the beds all have memory foam toppers and are at least a double. Ensuite bathrooms with showers and bar sinks allow a great deal of privacy. There is a basic gym which allows for one person to do light exercising and weight lifting. The communal area has a nice kitchen with large couches and communal TV. Like watching your own shows? Each room has its own TV as well.

Staff are friendly, typically when someone’s leaves, has a baby or has an illness many coworkers band together to get a gift basket or more. Everyone is driven and eager to help others learn.

Peace River although surrounded by land so flat you could watch your ex walk away for a year. However, there is a beautiful river valley. In the Fall the changing of the trees colours is a beauty that contends with Moraine Lakes Larch Valley. Peace has a nice restaurant called Board n Barrel that you can find many APL staff enjoying during down time with a beautiful river front patio. There’s many trails on Misery Mountain although more of a large mound, but still majestic and nice for running, cycling or ATVing.

- Nick Dutta, Peace River Flight Division

Since joining APL I’ve felt very welcomed and have made some incredible new connections. I’ve learned more from my role in ISC clinics than I’ve learned anywhere else and I truly feel like part of a team that makes a real difference in patient’s lives. I’ve been in EMS for 7 years and have never been more fulfilled as a practitioner than since starting with APL in the ISC clinics.

- Taryn Spitzer, Indigenous Services Clinic

I remember from 2015-2017 I would come into APL and say ‘Hi’ to Pam on a regular basis and ask if they were hiring. In 2017, APL took a shot on me. Since then I have moved from an EMR working events and industrial, to a NEMT driver, to Operations Assistant, Acting Operations Supervisor and now a Projects Supervisor. APL takes the time to grow their people and provide them with opportunities to learn and grow in their career. At APL I am surrounded by brilliant minds, optimism, and a driven work environment. I’ve found my career at APL!

- Brie Bizuns, Projects Supervisor