Day 11 Highway To Mexico Update From CEO Stephen Woodburn!

Posted In: News. Posted On: April 11, 2019.

“Yesterday morning we headed to La Cruz from Mazatlan which was about 90 km away. La Cruz is a beautiful little community for about 4500 people.
There was a Central Park area where they set up for the ambulance presentation. The fire department, Red Cross and police were all present along with many community members. It was difficult to communicate because of the language barrier but we made it work.

They displayed our ambulance right in the Center of the Park for the community to see during our presentation.

Both Tim and I said a few words about our Highway to Mexico experience and the ambulance th”sweatshirt, golf shirt and even some tequila from the Fire Chief himself.

Following the ceremony, we went to the Chiefs home on the ocean front for a special lunch. They had live music for us, traditional foods including liver, octopus and pork tortilla and BBQ ribs.

We returned back to the hotel that evening after a long day of celebration.”