Day 5 Highway To Mexico Update From CEO Stephen Woodburn!

Posted In: News. Posted On: April 3, 2019.

“Yesterday was another 0800 start. We drove through the beautiful city of Tucson and area. It’s interesting how many huge cactus plants are in that area. We bypassed Phoenix as the traffic would have really slowed us down.

Thankfully Tim is a very mechanical guy. He crawled under the Rescue truck a few times as the air brakes were losing pressure.

We arrived in Nogales, AZ at about 5pm. Felix ordered pizza and wings for all of us to enjoy by the pool. Our vehicles and equipment were inspected by a local inspector in preparation for the border crossing.

Today is unpredictable. It could be a quick crossing or take all day. We really don’t know. We will all be putting $20 bet on the table as to how long. The winner buys the first round in Nogales, Mexico!
More to come.”