Day One Highway To Mexico Update From CEO Stephen Woodburn!

Posted In: News. Posted On: March 30, 2019.

“Tim and I just finished breakfast here in Lethbridge, Alberta. Some of the members of the local Lethbridge Rotary Club came out to see us this morning to wish us all the best going forward. 

Yesterday was a fun start to a fulfilling adventure. We arrived at the 4 mile Subway for coffee as per the plan. We quickly learned that two of the School Buses that were supposed to be leaving with us, didn’t start. One was a simple fix, the other not so much. Tim and I were asked by our project leader if we would stay back and wait with the bus and the other 2 drivers until it gets fixed which we gladly did. The bus had to go to the Peace Wapiti School bus garage for a diagnosis and finally at about 0930 the small electrical problem was bypasses and we were on our way. 

We stopped in Whitecourt for a quick lunch and continued. The other group which included a ladder truck and fire rescue truck had to travel much slower than us so it worked well. We slowly caught up to them as they stopped in Wetaskiwin to pick up 100 wheelchairs which were loaded into a school bus. 

We all have 2-way radios so we can communicate with one another during the trip as long as we are close together. We arrived in Lethbridge at 9:30pm yesterday all at the same time! We stayed at the comfort Inn and walked across the street to a Friday night Bar and Grill for a late supper and a beer. Yesterday was the longest drive day of the entire trip so that’s encouraging. 

This morning we cross in the United States which is only about 100 km away and we land in Dillon Montana tonight. More to come!”