Has APL Touched Your Life?

Posted In: News. Posted On: September 14, 2016.




Our business is keeping people safe and healthy. Our passion is caring about that experience for each and every patient. We love hearing our patient stories from those whose lives we have touched. Read Melissa E Earle’s incredible story of how we touched her family’s life.

“On July 21st, 2013, we had one of the scariest announcements of our life. Our baby boy, who wasn’t even a day old, needed to be rushed by air ambulance from Peace River Hospital to the NICU Stollery in Edmonton.

We were surprised our second son was born with a cleft lip and palate. He was healthy except he had issues with swallowing, so we had issues feeding him. After almost a full day of him not being able to swallow any food, and because he was so small at 5lbs 6oz, it was decided he needed to be taken immediately to the NICU.

We were holding our breath with him, praying and hoping with every passing second he would live. We remember the very moment the APL air ambulance service unit walked through our hospital doors. They knew exactly what to do. They inserted a tube in his throat so he could breathe, and they did everything they could to see his vital signs rise.

As soon as our baby boy took a breath, we all were able to breathe again. It was like a breath of fresh air, reminding us to be grateful for every breath.

Each paramedic who walked in our doors didn’t just go through procedures. We were so impressed with how they walked us through each thing they were doing, explaining everything each step of the way. The moment they had the baby under care, a couple of the paramedics made sure we were okay too. They didn’t stop until they had answered every single question we had.

Even though it was such an incredibly traumatic situation, we were relieved he was in such great care. APL airlifted our baby to the Stollery, and today he is three years old and healthy. We don’t know what we would have done without APL’s services. They have made a personal impact on saving our family.

If you look close enough, we are certain APL has saved or touched some part of your family too. This photo is of John Mark bending down to whisper in our baby’s ear that we loved him, to tell him what was happening, and that everything would be okay.”

Has APL touched your family’s life? If you have a story you would like to share please send your story to pr@advancedparamedic.com