Lisa Schneider’s Ride Along Experience

Posted In: News. Posted On: January 11, 2017.



Lisa Schneider recently went on a ride along with our team in Edmonton. She recapped her special experience for us.

“On a super chilly December day I arrived in Edmonton at 7:30am. Jason Prestwich picked me up and warmly welcomed me into the APL Headquarters where I had the opportunity to meet all the staff on site.

We then went down to the ambulance bay where paramedics were waiting for a patient to arrive via a medivac flight from Fort McMurray. We then transferred the patient from air ambulance to ground ambulance. Vitals were taken and the patient’s history was given to ground paramedics from a flight paramedic. A team of paramedics moved the patient from an air ambulance stretcher to a ground ambulance stretcher.

Next, we drove from the Edmonton International Airport to downtown Edmonton where the patient was treated. We broke for lunch and I had the opportunity to interview all the APL staff that were available.

Later, we were dispatched and headed back to pick up the patient from Downtown Edmonton. One paramedic stayed in the back of the ambulance in order to monitor vitals and the patient’s health.

Once we arrived back at the APL Headquarters the patient was brought into the transfer area where he was assessed again and administered pain medication. We then moved the patient from the stretcher to the commode and they took off,” said Lisa Schneider.

We asked Lisa Schneider what her favourite part of the whole experience was?

“My favourite part was being able to go on the ride along. Just being in the ambulance and seeing how special their job really is was unique and not something everyone understands. It was amazing and I can’t wait for my next ride! The APL Team was so welcoming to me and great,” said Lisa Schneider.

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