Passionate Pursuits Inside And Outside The Medical Field – Ashley Ghostkeeper (Richard)


Posted In: Our Stories. Posted On: March 8, 2021. By: Ashley Ghostkeeper (Richard).

When it comes to being a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP), Ashley Ghostkeeper believes this career chose her. She started with Advanced Paramedic Ltd. in 2018 as an Emergency Medical Responder and quickly advanced to PCP. She has worked for the Cadotte Lake Ground Ambulance team for a year and a half—and cherishes every moment of it.

“Even as a child, I always knew deep down that I wanted to pursue this career. I wanted to be the one who could help someone,” said Ashley. “After high school, I initially planned for nursing school, but went for emergency care instead. I knew as soon as I started that this was the career path for me.”

Ashley loves that she has been able to create lasting friendships with the people she crosses paths with. Learning about patient’s stories and connecting with them is one of her favourite aspects of the job—it’s what keeps her going on the hard days.

“This career has challenged me mentally and physically, and I’m stronger because of it. I’ve gone through some of my best and worst days at this job. It has opened my eyes to how precious life is and has really changed my perspective,” Ashley said.

To Ashley, her co-workers feel like family—something that
has made her passionate about her role at APL. Ashley says the company has done a tremendous job helping her further her career, and she has felt welcomed from the very beginning. Not only does

she receive support in the medical field, but she also feels fully supported as she pursues outside hobbies, which include singing, songwriting, acting and poetry.

“A big decision I made was fully stepping into my musical journey. It has always been a passion of mine. My music is meant to help others and connect with them,” Ashley said.

Ashley will be heading to Toronto to record her first album in a couple months. It will be coming out this summer.

“I chose to sing all of my own original music, which is very meaningful to me. Music is therapy for me. I believe everyone needs that type of outlet—it has gotten me through everything,” Ashley said.

Aside from her musical pursuits, Ashley keeps up with her writing, whether
it’s journaling through a tough day, creating poetry or writing inspirational quotes. She also spends a lot of time with her family, and getting outside in nature to hike is a priority on her days off. Although she doesn’t have a ton of free time outside of work, she makes sure to stay balanced and appreciative of her blessings.

“It really comes down to ‘do what you love, love what you do’,” Ashley said. “I believe we should all just

jump into the deep end of life. This job has given me a new mindset. Now I see the things that truly matter.”