Student Program – Air Ambulance

Posted In: Our Stories. Posted On: May 9, 2024.

Kyle Boettcher, 21, from Sherwood Park, had his perspective on prehospital care reshaped through his participation in the APL Air Ambulance Program.

As a Primary Care Paramedic student, he saw this opportunity as a gateway
to understanding a different facet of emergency medical services. “I thought it would be a great chance to see another side of prehospital care,” said Kyle.

During his time in the program, Kyle took the opportunity to work on creating his own unique techniques, and learned crucial skills that are vital in the field.

“The program helped me develop my own patient assessment technique along with mastering some important skills,” said Kyle.

For Kyle, this program has not only expanded his understanding of prehospital care but also laid a solid foundation for his future career as a paramedic.

“The experience I gained from the program will definitely benefit my career as a paramedic, I’m grateful for the opportunity and for the things I learned in the program,” said Kyle.

The APL Air Ambulance Student Program not only equips students with practical skills but also provides them with a deep sense of fulfillment through hands-on experiences.

Reflecting on his time in the program, Kyle took pride in the meaningful impact he was able to make in the lives of patients he crossed paths with.

“I’m proud of the interactions and the difference I was able to make in patients lives,” said Kyle. “It was a great feeling.”

However, the demanding nature of air ambulance transfers came as a surprise to him, highlighting the program’s capacity to challenge and enlighten its participants.

His advice to prospective students is to brace themselves for busy yet enjoyable days. He also commended the staff in Peace River, emphasizing their influential role in creating a supportive learning environment for everyone involved.