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Advanced Paramedic Ltd. (APL) has created a recognition program where one recipient will be recognized for their outstanding contributions towards the business activities of APL every three months. Employees are nominated by their peers. 
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Congratulations Courtney bolduc & elliot taylor!

March, 2022 Recipient

Courtney Bolduc was chosen as the winner of the Peer Recognition Award for March 2022 for going the extra mile. Congratulations Courtney! 

Courtney has been recognized by her peers for going the extra mile. Courtney is an excellent colleague and Team Lead, and your character exemplifies all the APL code of ethics and more. Courtney constantly goes above and beyond for the staff whether it
be for personal time off, shift scheduling or simply responding to late night phone calls and email. Courtney shows dedication to the staff on her roster through small gifts throughout the year such as Christmas and Easter. She is a true leader, one who doesn’t shy away from hard work and puts her staff ahead of herself when it comes to unpleasant tasks such as relocating to another base during a tour. Courtney has been deserving of this award for a long time now.

She doesn't just accommodate every AMC with our vacations and time off, but she is constantly asking us for our input and suggestions which is very appreciated. Courtney is an amazing practitioner, and her skills and knowledge are remarkable. She is able
to have a great relationship with her team while having a very heavy workload as a supervisor and also working as an AMC. Her work ethic and dedication to the company is something to be recognized.

Elliot Taylor was chosen as the winner of the Peer Recognition Award for March 2022 for his customer service and distinguished service. Congratulations Elliot! 

Elliott is being recognized by his peers for his customer service and distinguished service. Since Elliott joined the Peace River Team, he has been a team player who is always finding ways to help his colleagues out. Elliott has an easy-going attitude, and an infectious positivity is always noted by the patients and the people he work with, both on and off shift. Elliott truly embraces APL’s mission statement.

Elliott is a kind and considerate team member who takes the time to go above and beyond for patients, coworkers, and the APL team environment. He always makes patients feel comfortable and safe during flight and prioritize their care first. Elliott has gone out of his way to make new team members feel included and go the extra mile, whether to make sure team members are fed or take the initiative to complete tasks around the base. He is a great role model and a wonderful addition, and has made the Peace River base a better place since you were hired!

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